Babies Discovering Things For The First Time Is HILARIOUS

You probably don’t remember what made you happy as a baby. But as a parent don’t you enjoy those moments when your baby smiles when he discovers something new for the first time?

Like, discovering that you can see yourself in a mirror… or you can’t get rid of your shadow! This is a video compilation of babies discovering things for the first time… Have a look at these tiny bundles of joy in the funny video below…

How heavenly the feeling too see these angels learning new things every day. The innocent little one may be so surprised at first bite in a piece of sour lemon that they close their eyes. Or the first brain freeze they get from the ice-cream! You cannot help but smile.

The new member of the family will start to explore the house and look for entertainment. Blowing bubbles and dancing to music is such fun to them… Every little thing we ignore is just precious to them.